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After months and months of study, proposals, architectural plans, and financial considerations, there is only one option that remains as we address the constant hopes, expressed by parishioners, of doing something regarding the noise and distractions in the vestibule during Mass. We will soon be getting underway with a plan to provide sound muffling along the iron dividers and gates in the vestibule.

A beautiful velvet fire-proof “stage curtain,” similar to that which is already on the big gates at the entrance to the nave of the church, will be installed from ceiling to floor, creating separation and sound muffling between the vestibule and the pews of the church. Additional lighting will be installed as a way to make up for the darkening caused by the curtains. Digital TV screens will be installed on the vestibule columns, providing rolling announcements, and eventually Mass readings, lyrics to our hymns, and the possible live streaming of the Mass. Increased security cameras will be installed to provide the reassurance of safety and good order.

Although not an ideal plan, it is a major step in the direction of addressing the concerns stated almost weekly by countless parishioners. As a further enhancement to the vestibule, there will be a beautiful plaque installed near the Sacred Heart statue, announcing the 12 promises of devotion to the Sacred Heart, articulated in the visions of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.