Parish Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Membership has its benefits and we want all of the good people of our community to be accounted for, supported, included, and known!

Registering as a new parishioner OR updating your family information has never been easier. Every COTLF family has the ability to access their parish registry record from the convenience of home or right from your smart devices.

Simply create a "My Own Church" username and password and you'll be able to review the information we have on file, provide updates if you've moved or changed your phone or email, find your envelope number, view your contribution history, and more.

Gaining access to the "My Own Church" portal takes only a minute.

Just click the "Registration" option in the menu of our parish website (

Once you are matched to an existing record, or have a new record created, you'll be granted full access to update your family details and remain informed of all the good things happening at COTLF!

As always, you are welcome to call or visit the parish office for any assistance with registering or updating your contact information, as well.