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The First Saint of The Holy Land. The Relics are brought by Sr. Ferial, OCD of The Carmelite Monastery of Bethlehem.

She was born in Abellin, Galilee, near Nazareth. She is assaulted because of her faith and is considered dead, being miraculously healed by the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is beatified by S. John Paul II in 1983. Canonized on May 17, 2015. Her Feast day is on August 25th.

Saint Mariam is an extraordinary example of Middle Eastern Christians who pray and suffer with an unshakable faith in Jesus. Her message and spirituality is for everyone. The life of Saint Mariam was marked by three very important slogans, which are really the ones which constitute the miracle of her life: the awareness of her misery, the burning desire for the Divine Will and the primacy of love.

Today, October 6th, the Relics will be visiting our parish at the 10:30am, 12:30pm, and 5:30pm mass.