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From the Pastor's Desk

I am currently on vacation for the next several weeks. Father Flores is capably in charge while I am away. He just returned from his own vacation. Now mine is underway. Many of you have been coming and going during these summertime weeks. Rest and renewal, as you know, are very good things! After all, we work to live, not live to work. We should always enjoy the fruits of our labors, and enjoy the grandeur of being alive in the Lord. Today’s message I write in advance, so that all is ready.

As we hear in our first reading this weekend, God sent Amos to be a prophet. As we hear in our Gospel passage this weekend, Christ our Lord sent the disciples to preach the mysteries of the Kingdom of God to the Jews and Gentiles of their day. If we think about it, over the millennia, the Lord has mobilized so many countless individuals to act in his name throughout salvation history. So much has been done by people of faith in all parts of the globe. So much is yet to be done for the sake of Christ, whether here or abroad. Have you ever asked what God is sending you to do at this moment in time?

Can any of us honestly say, at this moment, that we have accomplished everything for which we were created? Are you doing what you were born to do? Are you doing what you are capable of doing? As a member of the baptized, the royal household of God’s people, are you creating a Christian legacy for yourself that lives true to the reason you were redeemed by the Lord?

At birth, each of us had life breathed into us. Each of us, alive in our world, has a holy vocation, to go and bear much fruit, fruit that will endure eternally. God’s people on the road of faith are members of the flock of the Lord with a specific identity, a Christian personality, and a ministerial mandate. Indeed, we each have a purpose! We have a calling. We have been given definite gifts and talents and resources to put into service for the glory of Christ. It all has to do with the purpose for which we are alive. For followers of Christ, this is a direct corollary to our sacramental lives. We, too, are sent to preach the mysteries of the Kingdom of God to our contemporary world. Some of us do so in a high profile way, perhaps as priests, deacons, missionaries or consecrated men and women religious. Yet, all of us are called to respond in faith, accept our own marching orders from the Lord of the “spiritual” army of believers. Each of us is meant to make a difference, doing our part in the unfolding of God’s plan for the salvation of the world. In so doing, we then cooperate with the Spirit alive in us, leading us to be the Lord’s voice in 2018. We may be the “only Jesus” some may ever see and hear.

Approaching 54 active ministries and services in our parish community, there are certainly ample opportunities to worship the Lord who has done so much for us, opportunities for celebrating our faith, learning our faith better, teaching our faith with conviction, and serving others because of our faith in Jesus. I doubt we will ever be finished with these tasks! There’s plenty for all of us to do. We just need to be sure we are taking our active place in the unfolding of God’s kingdom, of his plan for us. He send us today and every day.

How’s the development of your Christian legacy? Have you done what you were born to do? Has Jesus been praised by a life of grateful service? Our Lord sends us forth again today in his name.

Father Davis