Homeless Ministry Service Day – Sunday, September 13th

The Homeless Ministry is back on track with its monthly service, this Sunday, September 13th, with several important changes.

COTLF Volunteers will NOT be serving the food at the Miami Rescue Mission, only dropping off the food that is collected. The goal of feeding between 250 and 350 individuals remains the same, so if you able to contribute a donation of food, please do so!

We need donations of cooked food to be dropped off at Comber Hall at 3:00pm on Sunday. Volunteers will then deliver the food to the MRM, and the residents there will help unload. The MRM will serve the food themselves.

WE ARE ONLY COLLECTING THE FOOD DONATIONS at Comber Hall at 3pm. Please bring cooked food in disposible aluminum serving pans. Thank you for your generosity and support!

For more details, please contact Joe Lluhi

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