Lent 2021

The Year of St. Joseph

On December 8, Pope Francis declared this year would be dedicated to St. Joseph, husband of Mary, foster-father of Jesus Christ and patron of the Universal Church.

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Daily Lent Reflections from Bishop Barron

Spend your time with Christ in the Gospel this Lent alongside Bishop Barron and the Word on Fire community.

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Lenten Family Resources

NCEA (National Catholic Educational Association) is pleased to offer various Lenten resources that enable Catholics to guide their families during this season of prayer and penance. Check out the full list of resources, including special recipes, children’s activities, family calendars, and much more!

Fasting and Abstinence

Both Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of fasting (one full meal and two small meals, with nothing eaten between the meals) for adults from 18 to 59 years of age.

Ash Wednesday, all Fridays of Lent, and Good Friday are also days of abstinence from meat for those 14 years and older.

The Search


The world is changing, but the essential human questions remain the same: Who am I? What do I want? Is there a point to my life?

More than likely, you have a nagging feeling – a yearning – to understand your place in the cosmos. You wonder. You question. You explore. Welcome to the human story.

Welcome to The Search! The Search is an innovative video series that tackles the key questions of every human heart. In seven beautifully filmed episodes hosted by Chris Stefanick and featuring other experts from multiple fields of science, medicine, psychology, art, and religion … they examine our place in the larger story of existence.

Whether you’re a practiced inquirer or a jaded skeptic, The Search will speak to you. You may be reassured by some parts, and challenged by others. Either way, you’ll find a lot here to think about. And when all is said and done, life’s questions demand to be answered.

Access to The Search is provided entirely FREE OF CHARGE through our Parish Formed.org Subscription!

Want to Search deeper? You’re invited to sign up for your FREE seven week “The Search” Lenten Retreat with Chris Stefanick and Bishops from around the United States. Discover what you’ve been searching for. And start living your life the way it was meant to be.

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