Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
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Welcome to the St. Joseph Adoration Chapel at Church of the Little Flower and thank you for coming to spend some time with our Lord! We need Christ’s presence now more than ever. May God bless you all!

Accessing the Chapel:

Visiting the Adoration Chapel has never been easier! The St. Joseph Chapel is now code-accessible via the Sevilla Avenue side entrance. For added security, please note that the exterior entrance, Chapel hallway, and Chapel are all under video surveillance.

Operating the Automated Curtain:

The St. Joseph Adoration Chapel has been recently renovated with the addition of a more secure box which houses the Monstrance and the Blessed Sacrament. Exposition and Reposition of the Blessed Sacrament is self-automated via a curtain that opens and closes at the press of a button. The control for the Monstrance curtain is located next to the Chapel light switch.

If you are arriving and the curtain is closed, simply click “Up” and the curtain will open and the Monstrance light will turn on automatically. If you need to leave and the chapel will remain empty, simply click “Down” and the curtain will close and the Monstrance light will turn off automatically.

Log Your Visit:

Please log your visit to the Adoration Chapel in our virtual log book, in the tab above. There you’ll be able to add in any special prayer intentions which we will pray for as a community as we gather around our Lord.

Perpetual Adoration Sign-up:

If you are able to commit to a regular, weekly Holy Hour (or more!), sign up today, in the tab above, for your preferred day(s)/hour(s) of adoration.

Prayers Before the Blessed Sacrament:

We’ve compiled some of our favorite Prayers before the Blessed Sacrament to help you make the most of your visit to the chapel.

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Adoration Visitor Log

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Please pray for our parishioners, family and friends who have been placed on the Parish Prayer List.

To add or remove a name from the list, please contact our Parish Life Coordinator, Jorge Santibanez

  • Mercy Acosta
  • Pat Ayala
  • Humberto Báculo
  • Joseph Barcia
  • Roberto Barea
  • Ana Maria Bez
  • Cesar Blanco
  • Enrique Blondet
  • Christina Brake
  • Jayden C.
  • Juan Carbonell
  • Maria de Cardenas
  • Dean Carr
  • Grace Carricarte
  • Martha Cuenca Castellanos
  • Manuel Herrera Castilla
  • Otto Crombet
  • Elsy Cruz
  • Marta Rosa Cuenca
  • Nestor del Castillo
  • Sr Anthony Mary Diago
  • Migdalia Díaz
  • Jonathan Peter Domash
  • Elena Dominguez
  • Linda Estevez
  • Mariana Espino
  • Maria and Mariano Faget
  • The Fernández Family
  • Barbara Fernandez
  • Carlos Fernandez
  • Jeannette Fernandez
  • Javier Florat
  • Tammy Fons
  • Michael Anthony Fuentes
  • Angel Garcia
  • Elena Garcia
  • Kalea Garcia-Menocal
  • Armelio Gomez
  • Carolina Gomez
  • Denis Gonzalez
  • Margie Alfonso Gonzalez 
  • Christine Grenet
  • Mary I. Groskloss
  • Lidia Guallar
  • Hugo & Maria Guilarte
  • Reinaldo Hernandez
  • Alexandra Herrera
  • Ana Isabel Herrera
  • James Hill
  • Lillian Hill
  • Kyle Hirshson
  • Maria Elenita Insigne
  • Monica Iribarren-Ortiz
  • Jose Ricardo Juancadella
  • James Kane
  • Dorothy Kass
  • Edgar Kelly
  • Matt Kinder
  • Alex Lacca
  • Olga Lameran
  • Augusto Ledesma
  • Marlene Llamas
  • Gustavo Lobo
  • Rory Lowe
  • Michele Luciano
  • Luis Maggi
  • Teodorico Mana-ay
  • Audrey Marante
  • Adriana Martin
  • Crystal Martin
  • Daniel Martin
  • Magaly (Maggie) Martinez
  • Zoila Miranda
  • Daisy Morales
  • Aida Morejon
  • Paul Anthony Mungo
  • Ann Munley
  • Matthew Murray
  • Bob Needham
  • Remi Nix
  • Carmita Nodal
  • Jacob Palma
  • The Paniagua Family
  • Susana Parks
  • Dcn. Miguel Parlade
  • Rosa Pelaez
  • Isa Pedraja
  • Jorge Pelaez Perez
  • Osvaldo Perez
  • Rosanna Perez
  • Sister Janet Pfile
  • Sister Judy Pfile
  • Ryker Urbane Phelps
  • Porfirio Ponce
  • Katerina Puig
  • Ponce Family
  • Lee Ramirez
  • Robert G Ramirez, Sr.
  • Gregory Rammos
  • Augustus Riley
  • Alejandro Rivera
  • Karolina Cabrera Rivera
  • Ana Roca
  • Aurora Elena Rodriguez
  • Eddy Sanchez
  • Robert Sanchez
  • Carmen Giral San Miguel
  • Jonathan David Sayago
  • Frances Shaheen
  • Anna Smith
  • Shely Solana
  • Anthony Spadacenta
  • Greg Stiebling
  • Sean Stockhausen
  • Marie Studva
  • Jose “Ricky” Suarez
  • Steven Sullivan
  • Francis Sweeney
  • Arnaldo Uria
  • Kevin Valente
  • Idalmy Vidaurre
  • Beatrice Bango Weinstock
  • Jennifer & Kaylin Yudice
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