Mass Readings and Music
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  • Saturday of the Second Week of Easter

    Reading 1 Acts 6:1-7

    As the number of disciples continued to grow,
    the Hellenists complained against the Hebrews
    because their widows
    were being neglected in the daily distribution.
    So the Twelve called together the community of the disciples and said,
    “It is not right for us to neglect the word of God to serve at table.
    Brothers, select from among you seven reputable men,
    filled with the Spirit and wisdom,
    whom we shall appoint to this task,
    whereas we shall devote ourselves to prayer
    and to the ministry of the word.”
    The proposal was acceptable to the whole community,
    so they chose Stephen, a man filled with faith and the Holy Spirit,
    also Philip, Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas,
    and Nicholas of Antioch, a convert to Judaism.
    They presented these men to the Apostles
    who prayed and laid hands on them.
    The word of God continued to spread,
    and the number of the disciples in Jerusalem increased greatly;
    even a large group of priests were becoming obedient to the faith.

    Responsorial Psalm PS 33:1-2, 4-5, 18-19

    R. (22) Lord, let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you.
    R. Alleluia.
    Exult, you just, in the LORD;
    praise from the upright is fitting.
    Give thanks to the LORD on the harp;
    with the ten-stringed lyre chant his praises.
    R. Lord, let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you.
    R. Alleluia.
    Upright is the word of the LORD,
    and all his works are trustworthy.
    He loves justice and right;
    of the kindness of the LORD the earth is full.
    R. Lord, let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you.
    R. Alleluia.
    See, the eyes of the LORD are upon those who fear him,
    upon those who hope for his kindness,
    To deliver them from death
    and preserve them in spite of famine.
    R. Lord, let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you.
    R. Alleluia.

    Alleluia <a href="https://bible.usccb.orgroute? “>

    R. Alleluia, alleluia.
    Christ is risen, who made all things;
    he has shown mercy on all people.
    R. Alleluia, alleluia.

    Gospel Jn 6:16-21

    When it was evening, the disciples of Jesus went down to the sea,
    embarked in a boat, and went across the sea to Capernaum.
    It had already grown dark, and Jesus had not yet come to them.
    The sea was stirred up because a strong wind was blowing.
    When they had rowed about three or four miles,
    they saw Jesus walking on the sea and coming near the boat,
    and they began to be afraid.
    But he said to them, “It is I. Do not be afraid.”
    They wanted to take him into the boat,
    but the boat immediately arrived at the shore
    to which they were heading.
    – – –

    Lectionary for Mass for Use in the Dioceses of the United States, second typical edition, Copyright © 2001, 1998, 1997, 1986, 1970 Confraternity of Christian Doctrine; Psalm refrain © 1968, 1981, 1997, International Committee on English in the Liturgy, Inc. All rights reserved. Neither this work nor any part of it may be reproduced, distributed, performed or displayed in any medium, including electronic or digital, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

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  • Sábado de la II semana de Pascua

    Primera lectura Hch 6, 1-7

    En aquellos días, como aumentaba mucho el número de los discípulos, hubo ciertas quejas de los judíos griegos contra los hebreos, de que no se atendía bien a sus viudas en el servicio de caridad de todos los días.

    Los Doce convocaron entonces a la multitud de los discípulos y les dijeron: “No es justo que, dejando el ministerio de la palabra de Dios, nos dediquemos a administrar los bienes. Escojan entre ustedes a siete hombres de buena reputación, llenos del Espíritu Santo y de sabiduría, a los cuales encargaremos este servicio. Nosotros nos dedicaremos a la oración y al servicio de la palabra”.

    Todos estuvieron de acuerdo y eligieron a Esteban, hombre lleno de fe y del Espíritu Santo, a Felipe, Prócoro, Nicanor, Timón, Pármenas y Nicolás, prosélito de Antioquía. Se los presentaron a los apóstoles, y éstos, después de haber orado, les impusieron las manos.

    Mientras tanto, la palabra de Dios iba cundiendo. En Jerusalén se multiplicaba grandemente el número de los discípulos. Incluso un grupo numeroso de sacerdotes había aceptado la fe.

    Salmo Responsorial Salmo 32, 1-2. 4-5. 18-19

    R. (22) El Señor cuida de aquellos que lo temen. Aleluya.
    Que los justos aclamen al Señor;
    es propio de los justos alabarlo.
    Demos gracias a Dios, al son del arpa,
    que la lira acompañe nuestros cantos.
    R. El Señor cuida de aquellos que lo temen. Aleluya.
    Sincera es la palabra del Señor
    y todas sus acciones son leales.
    El ama la justicia y el derecho,
    la tierra llena está de sus bondades.
    R. El Señor cuida de aquellos que lo temen. Aleluya.
    Cuida el Señor de aquellos que lo temen
    y en su bondad confían;
    los salva de la muerte
    y en épocas de hambre les da vida.
    R. El Señor cuida de aquellos que lo temen. Aleluya.

    Aclamación antes del Evangelio

    R. Aleluya, aleluya.
    Ha resucitado Cristo, el Señor, que creó el mundo,
    y que ha salvado a los hombres por su misericordia.
    R. Aleluya.

    Evangelio Jn 6, 16-21

    Al atardecer del día de la multiplicación de los panes, los discípulos de Jesús bajaron al lago, se embarcaron y empezaron a atravesar hacia Cafarnaúm. Ya había caído la noche y Jesús todavía no los había alcanzado. Soplaba un viento fuerte y las aguas del lago se iban encrespando.

    Cuando habían avanzado unos cinco o seis kilómetros, vieron a Jesús caminando sobre las aguas, acercándose a la barca, y se asustaron. Pero él les dijo: “Soy yo, no tengan miedo”. Ellos quisieron recogerlo a bordo y rápidamente la barca tocó tierra en el lugar a donde se dirigían.
    – – –

    Los textos de la Sagrada Escritura utilizados en esta obra han sido tomados de los Leccionarios I, II y III, propiedad de la Comisión Episcopal de Pastoral Litúrgica de la Conferencia Episcopal Mexicana, copyright © 1987, quinta edición de septiembre de 2004. Utilizados con permiso. Todos los derechos reservados. Debido a cuestiones de permisos de impresión, los Salmos Responsoriales que se incluyen aquí son los del Leccionario que se utiliza en México. Su parroquia podría usar un texto diferente.

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Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, 
I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. 
I love You above all things, 
and I desire to receive You into my soul. 
Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, 
come at least spiritually into my heart. 
I embrace You as if You were already there 
and unite myself wholly to You. 
Never permit me to be separated from You.


St. Alphonsus Liguori

Spiritual Communion Prayer

At Thy feet, O my Jesus, I prostrate myself and I offer Thee repentance of my contrite heart, which is humbled in its nothingness and in Thy holy presence. I adore Thee in the Sacrament of Thy love, the ineffable Eucharist. I desire to receive Thee into the poor dwelling that my heart offers Thee. While waiting for the happiness of sacramental communion, I wish to possess Thee in spirit. Come to me, O my Jesus, since I, for my part, am coming to Thee! May Thy love embrace my whole being in life and in death. I believe in Thee, I hope in Thee, I love Thee. Amen.

Servant of God Rafael Cardinal Merry del Val

Anima Christi Prayer

Soul of Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Blood of Christ, inebriate me.
Water from Christ’s side, wash me.
Passion of Christ, strengthen me.
O good Jesus, hear me.
Within Thy wounds hide me.
Suffer me not to be separated from Thee.
From the malicious enemy defend me.
In the hour of my death call me.
And bid me come unto Thee.
That I may praise Thee with Thy saints.
Forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer of Thanksgiving after Communion

Lord, Father all-powerful and ever-living God, I thank You, for even though I am a sinner, your unprofitable servant, not because of my worth but in the kindness of your mercy, You have fed me with the Precious Body & Blood of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that this Holy Communion may not bring me condemnation and punishment but forgiveness and salvation. 

May it be a helmet of faith and a shield of good will. May it purify me from evil ways and put an end to my evil passions. May it bring me charity and patience, humility and obedience, and growth in the power to do good. May it be my strong defense against all my enemies, visible and invisible, and the perfect calming of all my evil impulses, bodily and spiritual. May it unite me more closely to you, the One true God, and lead me safely through death to everlasting happiness with You.

And I pray that You will lead me, a sinner, to the banquet where you, with Your Son and holy Spirit, are true and perfect light, total fulfillment, everlasting joy, gladness without end, and perfect happiness to your saints. grant this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

St. Thomas Aquinas

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March 31 – Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord



Behold He comes, riding on the clouds
Shining like the sun at the trumpet call
So lift your voice it’s the year of jubilee
And out of Zion’s hill salvation comes

9Who was and who is and who is to come
Who was and who is and who is to come
Who was and who is and who is to come


PSALM 118 (Mark Haas)

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.


LET THE RIVER FLOW (Darrell Evans)

Let the poor man say I am rich in Him, let the lost man say I am found in Him
Oh let the river flow
Let the blind man say I can see again, let the dead man say I am born again
Oh let the river flow, oh let the river flow

Let the river flow, let the river flow
Holy Spirit come, move in power
Let the river flow, let the river flow
Holy Spirit come, move in power
Let the river flow, let the river flow, let the river flow



I believe in the Son, I believe in the Risen One
I believe I overcome by the power of His blood

Amen, amen, I’m alive, I’m alive because He lives
Amen, amen, let my voice join the song that never ends
Because He lives

I was dead in the grave, I was covered in sin and shame
I heard mercy call my name, He rolled the stone away

Because He lives I can face tomorrow
Because He lives every fear is gone
I know He holds my life, my future in His hands


REVELATION SONG (Jennie Lee Riddle)

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
Holy, holy is He
Sing a new song to Him who sits on
Heaven’s mercy seat

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty
Who was and is, and is to come
With all creation I sing praise to the King of Kings
You are my everything and I will adore You

Clothed in rainbows of living color
Flashes of lightning, rolls of thunder
Blessing and honor, strength and glory and power be
To You the only wise King

Filled with wonder, awestruck wonder
At the mention of Your name
Jesus, your name is power, breath and living water
Such a marvelous mystery

RESURRECTING (Elevation Worship)

The head that once was crowned with thorns
Is crowned with glory now
The Savior knelt to wash our feet
Now at his feet we bow
The One who bore our sin and shame
Now robed in majesty
The radiance of perfect love
Now shines for all to see

Your name, your name is victory!
All praise will rise to Christ our King
Your name, your name is victory!
All praise will rise to Christ our King

The fear that held us now gives way
To Him who is our peace
His final breath upon the cross
Is now alive in me

By your Spirit I will rise from the ashes of defeat
The resurrected King is resurrecting me
In your name I come alive to declare your victory
The resurrected King is resurrecting me

The tomb where soldiers watched in vain
Was borrowed for three days
His body there would not remain
Our God has robbed the grave


YOU ARE GOOD (Israel Houghton)

Lord, You are good and your mercy endureth forever
Lord, You are good and your mercy endureth forever
People from every nation and tongue, from generation to generation

We worship You, hallelujah, hallelujah, we worship You for who You are
We worship you, hallelujah, hallelujah, we worship You for who You are
You are good!

You are good, all the time, all the time You are good!

Reprinted with permission under ONE LICENSE #A-736156. All rights reserved.

Music by The Call

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