Our Sponsors

Through the Website Sponsorship Program you can help us maintain our parish website with important information about our Church and community while we help you promote your business.

General Sponsorship Information:

  • Sponsorships are available at a rate of $50 per month
    • 3-months – $150
    • 6-months – $300
    • 12-months – $550 (Get one month free!).
  • Website Sponsors will be featured on the Homepage, this “Our Sponsors” page and on the “Mass Live Stream” page.
  • Each time these pages are visited, the order of banners is randomized. The sponsor banners will scroll every few seconds to ensure visibility for all sponsors.


  • Website Sponsors are asked to provide their own artwork (approximately 8″W x 4.25″ H).
  • Alternatively, please submit your company logo or other relevant graphics and we can create a banner image for you.
  • Banners can be hyperlinked to either a website or an email address.
  • All sponsors and banners must be approved by the church prior to being published.

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