2nd Collection – Church in Central & Eastern Europe

Many countries transitioning from the former communist regimes in Eastern Europe continue to be stricken by poverty. In Albania, a country that experienced a particularly harsh form of communism, many young women facing extreme poverty succumb to misleading promises of marriage or work opportunities, drop out of school, and travel abroad. Separated from their families, they often find themselves in the difficult circumstances of domestic violence or even forced prostitution. The Catholic Church of Albania, which is being restored after the fall of communism, is at the forefront of helping young women overcome these risks through tuition support, the arts, faith activities, and culinary workshops. When you participate in the collection, you help to make education and life opportunities a reality for at-risk youth and you provide a witness of the faith to a recovering region. More information about the collection and the projects it supports can be found at www.usccb.org/ccee

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