COTLF Homeless Ministry – Thanksgiving Pack-the-Pantry Drive!

The next monthly service day will take place on Sunday, November 14th.

No cooked food this month! The following items are needed to help pack the MRM Pantry ahead of Thanksgiving Day:

· FROZEN, turkeys, hams, hamburgers, and chicken
· Canned green beans, and carrots
· Cranberry sauce
· Instant potatoes
· Canned corn, and cooking oil
· Rice 
· Stuffing mix
· Coffee, sugar, powdered creamer
· Salt, pepper, other spices
· Large garbage bags
· Heavy duty aluminum foil
· Metal Forks, spoons, and knives
· Disposable Paper cups and plates

Donations are collected behind Comber Hall at 2:30pm on the second Sunday of every month, to be delivered to the Miami Rescue Mission. All donations are welcomed.

For more information about our homeless ministry, please contact Joe Lluhi.

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