Synod Parish Consultative Session

You are invited to participate in our Church of the Little Flower’s Synod (assembly of the laity for direction and making decisions) session which will take place this Thursday, November 18th, at 7:30pm in Comber Hall.

Pope Francis has called all the Catholics and faithful from around the world to take part in discerning how we, as a Church, can better walk together, to listen to one another and be more effective in transmitting our beautiful faith. The Holy Father wants the first phase of this synod preparation to begin at the parish level, to hear from you!

As one Church of the Little Flower community “journeying together”, we will gather to listen and reflect on questions that explore themes, challenges and the gifts of our Church. We thank you in advance for your active participation.

CLICK HERE to register for the English Consultative Session on Thursday, November 18th.

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