Thank you, Bernardo!

If you’ve watched a livestream of our Sunday Masses over the past two years, you may have noticed that, unlike our daily Masses, our camera zooms in and out, more directly focusing on what’s happening during the Mass, whether it’s one of the Readings, the Homily, Consecration, or a special devotion. This is all thanks to Bernardo, a young parishioner who desired to give back to his parish and serve in any way he could after having received his Confirmation mid-pandemic. Every weekend, Bernardo would come in to control the camera for the 10:30am English and 12:30pm Spanish livestreamed Masses, bringing us all a close-up view of our beautiful liturgy. This weekend will be Bernardo’s last weekend at the controls, as he will soon be moving away to start his collegiate studies. Beginning next Sunday, June 5th, our Sunday livestream Masses will remain in a static view of the entire sanctuary, as is currently the case with all our daily Masses. We are grateful to Bernardo for his dedication and service each weekend.

Please keep him and all the youth of our parish in your prayers, especially those who will be going off to college or beginning new schools in the Fall.

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