August 28th – XXII Sunday in Ordinary Time

My dear friends, 

School has started, and we had a wonderful first week across the street at St. Theresa, and I know many of our young parishioners had wonderful first weeks at their respective schools. Now that classes have begun, parents are no doubt registering their children in all types of interesting activities like sports or dance or learning a foreign language or a musical instrument. All of these are important for a well-rounded child, but there’s one thing that is essential that I left off that list: have you registered your child for Religious Education? 

At this time of year, I always repeat the mantra that the late, saintly Bishop Roman used to repeat every year as school began: “Every child should be registered in catechesis!” The children of this parish who attend our parochial school already receive catechesis daily. Now I invite the parents of the children who do not attend our school to register your children in our Religious Education program today! It’s very easy to do. Just visit and you can enroll your child right now.  

If your child is in 1st grade, they can already begin their two-year preparation for First Holy Communion, and if your child is in 7th grade, they can begin their two-year journey towards Confirmation. But they don’t have to be preparing for a sacrament. I know I sound like a broken record, but I attended our great Religious Education program here when I was in the 6th grade in a non-sacramental year. I remember learning so much about the Old Testament during that year. Sure, as a kid I didn’t want to sit in a classroom after regular school ended, but for my parents it was non-negotiable: just like attending Mass on Sundays, we had to go receive catechesis at our parish during the week. So, I encourage every parent to enroll your sons and daughters today. And to the grandparents, I know many of your adult children may not be practicing the faith in the way that you taught them, and you worry about your grandchildren’s religious upbringing. This is the time to gently remind your kids to register your grandkids in Religious Ed. We have so many heroic grandparents who drop off and pick up their grandkids every week. We can’t thank them enough and we pray for them this day. 

And to the rest of the community, next month we also begin our classes for the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). Deacon Fleitas and his wife Nancy do such an amazing job of preparing adults who have never been baptized, who may be missing one of the sacraments, or may need their marriage convalidated. If you or someone you know needs a sacrament, contact the parish office and we’ll get you signed up for these classes that begin in late September. 

I haven’t forgotten those who don’t need any of the above. Our Formation Nights will begin again in September with a special focus on the Eucharist since we are in the midst of the National Eucharistic Revival. Our religious formation as Catholics doesn’t end when we take our last religion class in school or Religious Ed. It is ongoing. It is vital that we know our faith in an intimate way so that we can properly communicate and more importantly live it!  

It’s registration time at Little Flower! Religious Education. RCIA. Formation Nights. All of them return next month! Register your kids, your grandkids, or your friends today. And when it comes to Formation Nights, all you have to do is just show up with an open heart to discover or re-discover the beautiful mysteries of our faith! 

God bless you all,

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