October 1st – Feast of St. Thérèse of Lisieux – Parish Feast Day

My Dear Friends:

Happy 97th Anniversary! We are drawing closer to our Centennial Celebration! Today we gather to celebrate our patroness, St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face: the Little Flower. We thank Archbishop Wenski for allowing us to celebrate our patronal feast this Sunday. After much prayer and input from our Parish Council, we are now ready to unveil the plans we have for our 100th Anniversary and how we will prepare as a parish over the next three years. It is time to start looking towards the future and what kind of legacy we want to leave for the future of the Church of the Little Flower. 

It all starts with spiritually embracing St. Thérèse’s “Little Way.” Let us elaborate further on what this means for it is a reminder to us that we need not do great things to achieve holiness, but it is in the little things, the little acts of kindness and charity that we start conquering souls for Christ that was so important to this young saint. When St. John Paul II proclaimed Thérèse a doctor of the Church in 1997, he said, “The way she took to reach this ideal of life is not that of the great undertakings reserved for the few, but on the contrary, a way within everyone’s reach, the “little way”, a path of trust and total self-abandonment to the Lord’s grace. It is not a prosaic way, as if it were less demanding. It is in fact a demanding reality, as the Gospel always is. But it is a way in which one is imbued with a sense of trusting abandonment to divine mercy, which makes even the most rigorous spiritual commitment light (Homily 10/19/97).” 

Total self-abandonment! It all starts there. We must focus not so much on what “I” need, but rather in what the “other” needs. How can I serve my neighbor, focus on my neighbor, and love my neighbor without worrying about how that affects me? This is why we look to our patroness so that she may teach us this “little way.” Total self-abandonment to God and to our neighbor! That is what she teaches us with her short, but well-lived life. And in eternity, she wished to “spend her heaven doing good on earth.” We have seen all the good that she has done interceding for our parish over 97 years. 

Today we officially begin the journey towards our Centennial Celebration which will be celebrated in October 2026. Over the next three years, let us perfect our practice of Thérèse’s “little way.” She longed to be a missionary even though she was a cloistered nun. We must take up her missionary spirit as we look towards our 100th anniversary and beyond. Let us strive to be a parish that is open to all, embraces all, and loves all by placing the needs of others first, and that goes out of its comfort zone to be true missionaries to spread the truth of the gospel not only with our words but more importantly with our actions. What a blessing to have such an extraordinary patroness!  

Thank you, Lord for giving us such an example in this young saint. Thank you, Lord for bringing us to this important moment in the life our parish. Guide our steps in the “little way” of your Little Flower. 

St. Thérèse, pray for us as we begin our Centennial Campaign! 

God bless you all,

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