Music Guidelines

All couples getting married at Church of the Little Flower are required to contact the Director of Music Ministries, Luis J. Cuza via email at, or by phone at (305) 446-9950, Ext. 308.

Music for Weddings in the Roman Catholic Church

Wedding music must conform to the guidelines for liturgical sacramental celebrations. It is an integral part of the Liturgy and should promote an atmosphere of prayer. Sacred music is always the proper setting for the Wedding Liturgy. Arrangements for your music must be made no later than one month prior to your wedding date in order to ensure proper selection.

Selecting Music for your Wedding

By clicking the link provided above, couples can hear instrumental and vocal music works/songs to make their selections for their wedding. All music should be selected from the Wedding Music Selection Form, also linked above. The Music Selection Form is typically submitted approximately one month before the celebration of the wedding, in consultation with the Director of Music Ministries. If the selection form is not submitted, music for the ceremony will be pre-selected.

In various cases, certain songs not on the list provided can be used. However, this must be discussed with and approved by the Director of Music Ministries. All music must be sacred and have lyrics which express Christian values. The music should fit the part of the ceremony in which it is used and should not cause delays in the ceremony. The music must always be artistically high-quality music, sacred, classical/traditional in style, and the text should be a meaningful fit for the sacramental moment.

Secular music (non-sacred/ popular) should only be kept for use at the reception as it is not permitted during the Liturgy. Certain instrumental classical works are appropriate.


Our Music Ministry provides music for all weddings at Church of the Little Flower. Wedding music fees are already included in the church fees. This includes a parish organist and soloist. Church of the Little Flower maintains a roster of outstanding professional musicians. Therefore, no outside musicians are permitted to lead the music at weddings. However, with written request and approval, one outside/non-parish musician/singer is allowed to participate in one musical work/song within the Mass. (i.e. a relative may sing the Ave Maria during the Preparation of the Gifts or Presentation of Flowers to Mary). It is encouraged that any approved outside/non-parish musician be of the Catholic faith and/or is experienced in Catholic Liturgy. Please note that whether or not an outside musician is approved, a parish cantor and organist will be present. All outside/non-parish musicians/singers must meet with the organist no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. The organist has the right to turn away non-parish musicians if they are not prepared or if they do not show up with sufficient time for instructions.

Our goal is to guarantee that your wedding day will be as close to perfect as possible!

Additional Guidelines

  • For weddings with a mass, all mass parts/service music will be pre-selected. This includes the Responsorial Psalm, Gospel Acclamation, Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation, and Lamb of God.
  • Solos should never be so long that they interfere with the flow or movement of the liturgy.
  • Recorded music of any kind is not permitted.
  • Musicians will not be attending the wedding rehearsal.
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