Vocations Chalice

Parish News - September 16th, 2022

Sign Up to be added as a Vocation Chalice family. Take the Chalice home for a week. Put it in a place of honor in your home. Pray for Vocations! (Prayers are included to help.) Talk about Vocations with your family. Return to Mass the following week to pass the Chalice on to the next …

Praise & Worship Adoration

Parish News - September 10th, 2022

By special request of the Young Adults of the parish, will host a special Holy Hour every Thursday evening in theSt. Joseph Adoration Chapel. Praise and worship music from 6:00-7:00pmHour of silence from 7:00-8:00pm. All are welcome, but Young Adults are specially invited to come during this time, to encounter the Lord, and help build …

Bulletin Advertisers Needed!

Parish News - August 19th, 2021

Jenny Lusk from Diocesan (our bulletin publishing partner) is working to renew the advertisementscurrently running on the bulletin and to secure NEW bulletin advertisers. The bulletin is available in print and digitally online. We are grateful that this crucial communication piece is provided to our parish at NO COST thanks to the generous support of our …

Church Envelopes and Online Giving

Parish News - July 22nd, 2021

Using Your Church Envelopes Once you’ve been added to the database, you will be included in the bi-monthly mailing of offertory envelopes, which will be pre-printed with your name, address, and parishioner/envelope number. Be sure to bring these envelopes to Mass each weekend to place in the collection basket. Weekly donations made via your envelope …

Registering at COTLF

Parish News - February 25th, 2021

The COTLF Parish Database is called ParishSoft Family Suite. Once added as a member, you will be assigned a parishioner number (or envelope number). This number is used to track your offertory gifts, and by extension, your participation in Sunday Mass and the life of the parish. Though many people come to Little Flower regularly, …

Donate via Venmo!

Parish News - January 8th, 2021

Offertory Giving Just Got Easier … Again! You can now quickly and easily make your gifts to the parish via Venmo! Find us at www.venmo.com/COTLF or scan the QR Code to go to our Venmo profile on your smart device.

Become a Website Sponsor Today

Parish News - September 18th, 2020

The upcoming summer months are a perfect time to become a COTLF website sponsor, with increased traffic expected from visitors or extra views from parishioners travelling out of town but wishing to stay connected to COTLF. Through the Website Sponsorship Program you can help us maintain our parish website with important information about parish community …

Get real-time updates from Church of the Little Flower!

Parish News - August 19th, 2020

We have adopted a new way of communicating with you! If you never received an invitation email or text message to join EVANGELUS, please visit eva.us/cotlf to sign-up and let us know if you prefer to receive emails or text messages from us.
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Download our Parish App!

Parish News - August 14th, 2020

Our new Church of the Little Flower app is now available to download for iPhone and Android smart phones. Stay connected with our parish throughout the week with instant notifications, an easy-to-access event calendar, and the ability to quickly reply to or share messages via Facebook or Twitter.
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